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The market for natural living and green lifestyle information and products is booming. What was once a small niche market is becoming a mainstream, multi-million dollar enterprise! Natural is a new norm and there is gold in going green. Here are a few exciting trends that show this market is exploding as we speak:

* Major chain stores now carrying organic food and clothing, green cleaning supplies, and they are powering their stores with renewable energy.

* Tinsletown darlings and celebrities everywhere have been spotted wearing their babies in slings, breastfeeding in public, carrying cloth diapers in their diaper bags, and even giving birth to their babies at home.

* As plastic bags become a social faux pas, BYOB has developed a new meaning....Bring Your Own Bag.

* Homeopathic remedies and DIY holistic treatment is in demand.

* Moms are trading in their SUVs for hybrids and electric cars.

* Parents everywhere are searching for household products with safe and natural ingredients.

* Moms are discovering the joys of slow cooking and a minimalist lifestyle.


Give Them Information They Can Use

Family values are changing and moms (and dads) everywhere are looking to spend their money on natural products that are gentle, safe, and healthy for their family AND the planet. This market is just getting too large to ignore! Getting an edge means bringing quality, relevant content to your "natural" customers and site visitors and no doubt you have been frustrated by the lack of quality PLR to help you market to them effectively.

You just can't relate to these "natural" moms and dads as you would any other. You NEED content that is customized to fit their values and preferences...making it more likely that their next Internet search will bring them to YOUR site and KEEP them there. There is  no better way to get an edge in this competitive online market than to give your visitors quality, highly-targeted content. If you give them information they can use...your site visitors will:

* Read your information and come to see you as an "expert" in the natural marketplace AND a source of trustworthy information.

* Opt-in to your newsletter or mailing list, giving you further opportunity to contact them.

* Trust your product recommendations and buy...putting money in your pocket.

Moms and dads searching for information on these natural topics are looking to buy. You can become their trusted resource if you provide the information they need. But how are you going to make sure you can add high quality, relevant content to your web site on a regular basis? With our help of course!

Natural Mom PLR is Great!

Natural Mom PLR is a great, easy way to add content to your site, if you're a mom on the go and short on time but always on the lookout for informative excellent quality content... then Natural Mom PLR is the perfect for you!

Elizabeth Ashe

Content Is The BEST Way to Reach Your

Market and Generate New Leads and Sales

You may not have the time to write new articles to add to your site. And you might not be able to afford to hire a ghostwriter to write articles for you. Luckily you don't need to. Natural Mom PLR gives you access to high quality content for the natural/green/holistic niche with minimal expense.  You can be confident that we provide quality articles that are:

* Relevant to your niche

* Thoroughly researched and written by experts

* Grammatically correct

* Coherent and well written

* Distributed to a limited membership

* If we wouldn't put these articles on our own won't be asked to put it on yours!


Here Is What Is Natural Mom PLR Provides


Natural Mom PLR Article Pack


* High Quality Private Label Rights Articles


These articles are written specifically for moms and dads looking for more information about natural lifestyles and products. The content is completely original and you won't find it anywhere other than Natural Mom PLR.


Article topics will vary from month to month but will cover such topics as: breastfeeding, baby wearing, attachment parenting, cloth diapers, green living, organic foods and products, organic gardening, healthy eating, whole foods, natural health, holistic medicine, homeopathic treatments, and natural lifestyles. Each article is usually 500 words or more with meaty fluff allowed!


These articles can be used anywhere you publish content: web sites, blogs, newsletters, autoresponders.. you can even combine them to create a special report or e-book.


We offer high quality, highly-targeted articles that are relevant to the "natural" market. We give you information you can actually use!



If you were to this content yourself you would spend countless hours researching and writing. So you need to ask much is your time worth? You might easily spend 20 or more hours writing similar content. OR if you hire a ghostwriter it can cost anywhere from $10 to $100 for one article. Would you rather spend 20+ hours researching and writing, pay a small fortune for a ghostwriter, or buy the content in bulk for a small fee as needed and then spend a few minutes personalizing? We know which option sounds more appealing to us!



If all this sounds good to you, let's get started! Our niche natural family/green living article bundles are listed below:



What Topic Would You Like to See Here? Email Us!


New customers: Get started here!


We look forward to working with you and seeing your "natural" business grow.

To your success,

 Tiffany Washko

Tiffany Washko

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